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Esther Bordet is a mixed media artist based in Whitehorse, YT. She grew up near Paris, France. During her early years, she explored a range of visual art techniques including drawing, painting (oil and acrylic), sculpture (clay), ceramic, collages. Her recent work focuses on two main media: acrylic painting, and pen and ink drawing. Since 2017, she has been studying drawing and storytelling techniques specific to the graphic novel.

The Explorer

Esther’s artistic inspiration is fueled by her work as a geologist in remote mountain ranges, in the Yukon especially. Her artwork expresses a deep physical connection to the mountains. Landscapes, wildlife, and textures captured by the eyes inspire her drawings and paintings, while thrilling bush adventures and experiences bring life and energy to unique visual stories.

Esther's work and various projects are documented in several journal articles and radio interviews. 

Artistic formation


The Center for Cartoon Studies, White River Junction VT, USA (August 2019)

  • Graphic Novel Workshop with Paul Karasik & Dan Nott


Emily Carr University, Continuing Studies, Vancouver BC (Fall 2017)


Adult art studios in Paris (France) and Quebec City QC (2004-2006)


Youth art studios (France) (1987 to 2001)

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