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I am a mixed media artist based in Whitehorse, Yukon. I grew up near Paris, France. During my early years, I explored a range of visual art techniques including drawing, painting (oil and acrylic), sculpture (clay), ceramic, collages. After a few years working exclusively with acrylic paints, my recent work focuses on pen and ink drawing and watercolours. Since 2017, I have been studying drawing and storytelling techniques specific to comics. Since 2021, I am also a full-time illustrator and graphic recorder (check out my portfolio here).


My summer studio in the Yukon. Photos credit: Mallory Patte-Serrano

Artistic formation


The Center for Cartoon Studies, White River Junction VT, USA (August 2019)

  • Graphic Novel Workshop with Paul Karasik & Dan Nott


Emily Carr University, Continuing Studies, Vancouver BC (Fall 2017)


Adult art studios in Paris (France) and Quebec City QC (2004-2006)


Youth art studios (France) (1987 to 2001)

My work and various projects are documented in several journal articles and radio interviews. 

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