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Making a comic zine

Eleven artists from the Yukon and beyond were invited to create an artwork around the theme “Things that make me furious / inspire me”. The resulting collection of illustrations, comics, infographics and writing is humorous, beautiful, infuriating and inspiring. It is a proof that nothing is black and white, and most things in life can be both inspiring and infuriating. And despite all the rage we can feel watching our world go crazy, art remains an inspiring outlet for all of us. This comic zine is the second issue of a collaborative project organized by members of the Yukon Illustration Coalition.

Participating artists include: Emilio Ugartechea, Tedd Tucker, Heather Steinhagen, Eleanor Rosenberg, Pauline Gallinat, Mildred Peñaranda, Javier Otárola, Joyce Majiski, Amy Kenny, Misha Donohoe & Esther Bordet. Most of us live in Whitehorse, Yukon, but this issue also includes contributions by artists from southern British Columbia and Baja California, Mexico.

The book cover features samples from all the artworks © Yukon Illustration Coalition 2022

Copies are on sale for 20$. Where can you get one?

- go to Titan Gaming & Collectibles in Whitehorse,

- if you work at Yukonstruct, there are a few copies in the Cospace kitchen area.

Sales money will help with printing costs for the next issue. And by the way, we also want to thank Arctic Star Printing for their in kind sponsorship!

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